Weight Training

Weight TrainingHand weights, dumbells, barbells, plate weights and benches for fitness in the gym.
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1kg Hand Weight PVC1kg Hand Weights PVC (Pair)$11.95
2kg Hand Weight PVC2kg Hand Weights PVC (Pair)$23.90
3kg Hand Weight PVC3kg Hand Weights PVC (Pair)$35.85
4kg Hand Weight PVC4kg Hand Weights PVC (Pair)$47.80
5kg Hand Weight PVC5kg Hand Weights PVC (Pair)$59.75
Flat Bench With Dumbell RestFlat Bench With Dumbell Rest$129.95
Weight 1.25kg PlateWeight 1.25kg Plate$5.00
Weight 2.5kg PlateWeight 2.5kg Plate$10.00
Weight 5kg PlateWeight 5kg Plate$20.00